Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Still reeling from the idiocy that is Forever Amber (which I still can't manage to finish--for a piece of garbage it rambles on...well, forever), I've read a couple of fairly decent books lately.

It's been out for some time but I just got around to reading The Devil Wears Prada. Hoo boy, did this one hit home--I've worked for a truly unbalanced woman before and, though she wasn't nearly as demonic as Miranda, the Prada-wearing title devil, my boss was pretty whacked out. I was also quite taken with the author's insight (clearly taken from personal experience) on trying to Make It. The tribulations of a recent college grad trying to find both career success and personal success might not be eternal, in that such problems simply didn't exist two hundred years ago, but this novel will certainly strike home with anybody who's graduated from college within the last thirty years or so. For those who have had to work for someone decidedly unstable, it will not only strike home, but take up residence in that home.

I've also just finished Steve Amick's The Lake, The River and The Other Lake. Still not sure what to make of the ending--it's a bit anticlimactic, I think. Amick creates a pretty good array of interesting and believable characters. I found the setting particularly irresistible--the town of Weneshkeen is a little place on Lake Michigan that seems to have accidentally become a resort town.

I do recommend both for your reading pleasure, though I'll not go into full review mode here.


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